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Jiefu group attaches great importance to the ERP application and management

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2015/11/16 14:15:13

Jiefu group attaches great importance to the advanced information management tools such as ERP application in financial management and business management, starting in April 2015 in kingdee ERP financial system driven all the cash flow statement online, Jeff group headquarters and guizhou minmetals has successfully launched on April 28, Jeff will be in mid-may, dongguan east peak mining will be held in late may.

Using ERP, USES the integration features, quick and accurate to automatically generate the cash flow statement, greatly enhance the work efficiency of financial personnel and guarantee the accuracy of the data. Routine in Excel and other office software to make the cash flow statement typically takes longer, and the need for artificial summarize each receiving different attributes, which greatly influenced the accuracy of data input, but with the cash flow statement module in ERP, both can accurately and timely to generate the cash flow statement, and can provide more help for financial analysis and financial management.

From exclusion to acceptance, from accept to love, a new information management and analysis tools, can reduce working intensity, improve work efficiency, and can provide effective and objective analysis. ERP in a cash flow statement online, to further improve the group's financial analysis management tool, to enhance the company's information integration management, comprehensive information management for the company and taken a solid step forward.

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