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The financial investment

Jiefu group devoted to for the development of broad prospects in the field of financial investment and unique business model, execution ability of enterprises to provide equity and debt financing and value-added services.

Effective financial investment business, the group has invested in the financial, mining industry, biological medicine, in the field of high and new technology industry, chemical industry and so on more than a dozen companies, including Chen state mining (stock code: 002155), cooperates pharmaceutical (stock code: 300158), the new capital (stock code: 300130), and other enterprises listed successfully.

 Group has been in response to national industrial development policy, focus on investment state shall encourage and support the sustainable development of new energy and energy conservation, environmental protection, new materials, biotechnology and new medicine, information technology, advanced manufacturing and modern services, high technology services and other fields.

After nearly 10 years, at present, the group has the most stable investment team, strong background and rich experience of local investment, is committed to provide diversified value-added services to the invested enterprise, supporting the training industry leader in the future.