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Shenzhen Jiefu Corporation (here in after called “Jiefu Corporation”) was established in 1993 with the registered capital of RMB50 million Yuan and with the business scope of three industries, namely non-ferrous metal, financial investment and real estate development. After paying great effort for the past two decades, Jiefu Corporation has grown into a comprehensive enterprises group with 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries and more than 10 joint ventures home and abroad with the total assets of more than 2 billion yuan, becoming one of top tax payer and top foreign currency earners.

     Nonferrous metal business: mainly includes the investment and development for mines and for processing and trading of nonferrous metals such as tungsten, antimony and rare earths, etc. and has formed an integrated system for production, supply and marketing. The Corporation carries out the standardization and fine refinement management and its deep processing products such as the antimony ingots, antimony oxide, flame retardant and flame-retardant masterbatch with its own brand name of “Jiefu” have directly sold to Euro-American countries, Japan and Korea, etc. enjoying a reputation in the industry with the excellent quality.

    Financial investment business: Jiefu Corporation has invested more than ten enterprises in the industry of finance, mining, bio-pharmaceuticals and chemicals, etc. of which companies such as Chenzhou Mining (Stock code: 002155) and Zhendong Pharmaceutical (Stock code: 300158), etc. have been successfully listed.

    Real estate development business: Jiefu Corporation was initially engaged in real estate development in 2005, and the capital input was mainly invested in second tier cities and remote cities with encouraging results. Presently, the total area of projects in construction is approximately 1.2 million square meters. The strategic reserve land has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the Group.

    Jiefu Corporation will insist on the business philosophy of “Honesty, Efficiency and Innovation”, apply to mining industry the rich experience and resources accumulated in the capital market and continue to strengthen the integration efforts of the Corporation for the upstream and downstream links of resources exploration, ore dressing and metal melting, deep processing and marketing, etc.; meanwhile, the Corporation will also assume its social responsibility to return the society and the State.