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The real estate

Jiefu group involved in real estate industry in 2005, has been committed to the medium-sized city real estate development business, is rich in land resources reserves. In lianjiang has successfully developed the happy village, yongfeng, yonghe garden, the garden floor, yongle high-quality products such as buildings, deeply the general recognition and praise, become the lianjiang health measure of ecological residential house.

Since 2010, Jiefu group increase in the scale of investment in real estate industry, established the snake pipefish investment co., LTD., zhuhai formally entered the zhuhai real estate market. At the same time, in the new industrial policy and market environment, Jeff group began to explore a new mode of profit growth, in five-star hotels and other commercial real estate and the development of high-end villa project, in order to promote business.

Jiefu group in many years of management, pay attention to during the process of real estate development company pays attention to human resources construction, pay attention to enterprise culture construction, respect knowledge, respect talent, respect employees' initiative and team spirit. Set up a more abundant project management experience in global business team, formed a set of effective system of internal control management.

Future, Jiefu group will continue adhering to the "integrity, efficient and innovative" spirit of enterprise, constantly developing new market space, promote enterprise's core competitiveness, and through careful planning, optimization design, strict management, perfect service, continuously improve the management level, realizes the social resource allocation optimization and the maximization of shareholders' equity.