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Antimony industry

   Mining business is JieFu group since its inception the advantages of traditional business, including mining investment, antimony, tungsten, rare earth and other non-ferrous metal production, processing and trade. Antimony business is the core of the mining business, JieFu group now JieFu group engaged in the business of antimony series of subordinate company including mining, shenzhen east peak JieFu mining investment co., LTD., guizhou metals and minerals import and export co., LTD., dongguan city JieFu retardant materials co., LTD., dushan antimony alone the peak industry co., LTD., and so on six companies, including three subsidiary with antimony supply enterprise qualification approved by the ministry of commerce; Two holding subsidiaries with antimony and antimony products export enterprise qualification approved by the ministry of commerce. Now JieFu group has developed into products including antimony ingot, antimony oxide, flame retardant masterbatch, composite flame retardant antimony series products, such as mining, dressing and smelting, product development, processing, sale, import and export, formed a complete business of antimony industry chain.

   Jiefu group business of antimony industry status now in the international market on three fronts. Own brand \"JieFu\" brand antimony ingot, antimony oxide, flame retardant masterbatch processing products such as direct marketing Europe and the United States, Japan, southeast Asia and other countries around the world, an important client from dupont, basf, samsung, LG, Formosa plastics, with many world famous companies such as chi mei.

Future Jiefu group will increase in business investment, antimony series platform by using existing resources and influence in the industry and to participate in domestic and overseas mining resources integration; Play in antimony series products, the export qualification advantages, intensify downstream terminal sales marketing work, expanding Jeff brand antimony products to more than 15% global market share; Establish a modern enterprise operation system and the effective internal control system, production safety, legal compliance, strive for early realization of antimony business sector in the domestic stock market.