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Dong Feng mining annual output of ten thousand tons antimony smelting project is formally put into production

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2015/11/16 14:44:30

On May 6 in the morning, the east peak mining GuYuSheng general manager lead the company staff, at the scene of the river production base of smelter production feeding success. This marks after more than two years of the river production base of antimony smeltery upgrading of hardware and software facilities, technical renovation and expansion project construction has been completed.

Mining the river east peak production base of smelter project covers an area of 200 mu, a total investment of 150 million yuan. Smelting technology upgrade hardware and software facilities, have adopted the most advanced domestic antimony smelting production process and technology. After the technical transformation of smelter, the production equipment of the most advanced domestic level, an annual output of ten thousand tons of high quality antimony ingot size, the most advanced environment protection facilities, and has the environmental protection department approval, emissions targets better than the national discharge standards, production technical index has reached advanced level of the industry. Mining project put into production will be solved the east peak antimony oxide production of raw materials of self, to promote the east peak mining antimony series products comprehensive competitiveness in the global market, continuously improve the overall strength of the company and the economic benefit, for the east peak mining to do strongly does, towards capital market ready for auxiliary pad.

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