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Yongxing city acura hospitality push annual finale in December

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2015/12/1 14:03:46

Yongxing international city: -- at the core of city central section, most the high grade school education resources, one of the best "city greening" surrounded by the most convenient traffic conditions, the most appreciation potential space for development...

Lianjiang chief grail - 70 square meters two international city 】 【 yongxing # # 26, 27, a strong push, second phase of the last two, last year, plans to choose new homes in December, to the best New Year gift, to earn.

Graduation, struggle, in love, to buy a house, start a family.Happiness on the road, the house is for a number of wind and rain is still under a rock-solid.Choose a city to die, alternative room happiness, you and your family need good house to escort.

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