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With safety and high efficiency saving maintenance

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2016/2/22 14:21:57

The manager Jinhai Yang group on February 20th, the vice general manager assistant general manager Tang Deling (and the banpo antimony mines), and the safe production of environmental protection and the banpo antimony all management, neusoft company management personnel of downhole maintenance situation has carried on the examination and held after return to work rehabilitation project meeting.

Downhole repair work efficient and orderly, in addition to the sump cleaning work plan on February 25, 695 to complete, the rest of the work has been basically completed, to ensure the normal production on February 22.

The maintenance period, each unit at the request of the general manager GuYuSheng, high efficiency, strict economy, daily bulletin, maintenance works carried out smoothly and orderly, to complete the production targets in 2016 laid a foundation.

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