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The DongFeng mining won the dushan 2 O five year a number of honor

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2016/3/1 15:19:30

On March 1, 2016, dushan grandly held a total of more than 600 people attended two O annual celebration meeting contents.Guizhou east peak mining co., LTD., after many achievements since the restructuring and reorganization of fully approved by the county, the county government, the company was named dushan "large taxpayer", in 2015, the chairman of Xie Jianlong won the title of "three star entrepreneurs";General manager GuYuSheng won the title of "outstanding entrepreneur", and as a representative of the advanced units of the county made a passionate speech at the meeting.Party secretary Pan Zhili to east peak mining is certainly achieved 2015, at the same time to 2016 east peak mining work put forward higher expectations.

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