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Chen Guangxiang secretary and mayor Wu Qunzhong one line to the scene of the city yongxing international office

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2016/3/24 8:55:12

March 17 afternoon, secretary of the municipal party committee, director of the standing committee Chen Guangxiang, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Wu Qunzhong, municipal committee, deputy mayor Li Shidong, standing committee of the municipal party committee, minister of the propaganda department Lin Yuchun, municipal committee, organization department minister Chen Ruiqun, municipal committee, director of the ShiWeiBan GuanWeiRong, deputy mayor, city public security bureau chief Chen Diancong, vice mayor Lin Zhandong and ShiWeiBan, ShiFuBan, bureau of finance and reform bureau, construction bureau, land bureau, power supply bureau, tourism bureau, municipal bureau of parks and woods and other relevant functional departments to yongxing, head of the international city field office and a talk.

Our company chairman Xie Jianlong problems existing in the project move to report back to the secretary, mayor, and the leaders here one by one.Chen Guangxiang secretary after hearing our company chairman Xie Jianlong report points out: yongxing international city is the city's key projects construction hard-won, city hang some leadership and functional departments and town (street) the main leadership matters to grasp opportunities, active service, actively coordinate, seeking to within certain time node, a solution to a project to promote the municipal road problems and difficulties, to ensure smooth construction of the project.

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