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Yongxing real estate was awarded the "Lianjiang 2016 annual corporate Silver Award" honor

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2017/2/28 16:47:55

January 22 afternoon, held in Lianjiang City, the annual tax forum 2016. Zhanjiang Municipal Committee, Lianjiang municipal Party committee secretary Chen Guangxiang, deputy secretary of Lianjiang Municipal Committee, mayor Wu Qunzhong, municipal CPPCC Chairman Wu WIKO, municipal committee, deputy mayor Chen Ruiqun, municipal committee, municipal office director Guan Weirong, deputy director of the Standing Committee Huang Peidong, vice mayor Huang Sheng, vice chairman of CPPCC, the branch secretary Chen Yade, municipal office and the municipal government office, finance, tax, tax and other departments and the main person in charge of the city's 49 large taxpayer, business representatives have a joyous gathering, to discuss the development plan of Lianjiang.

Wu Qunzhong presided over the forum, read out on the recognition of the 2016 annual tax of more than 5 million yuan of Enterprise Bulletin of the year.
Division I Yongxing real estate was awarded the "Lianjiang 2016 annual corporate tax" silver award honorary title. The same day, Chen Guangxiang, Wu Qunzhong, respectively, for the award-winning corporate representatives award on behalf of the company, and on the other hand, the winners of the awards were presented on behalf of the winners of the.

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