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In 2017, the national flame retardant academic annual meeting will visit the East Peak antimony industry to visit and exchange

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2017/5/13 14:25:16

In May 12, 2017, some experts and representatives from the 2017 national flame  retardant academic year met and visited the Guizhou East Antimony Industry  Co., Ltd. and made deep exchanges.

Chairman Xie Jianlong and flame retardant annual meeting will visit the antimony oxide production workshop

   Visit the delegation at the chairman of Dong Feng antimony industry  Xie Jianlong, general manager Gu Yusheng management team and accompanied the  visit of crude refinery, river Guizhou Dongfeng antimony industry production  base of refinery and antimony oxide factory, a detailed understanding of the  various production processes of antimony series products complete industrial  chain, including raw materials, equipment, production technology, process and  production management, production and comprehensive management for Guizhou River  East Peak antimony industry production base fully affirmed.

General manager Gu Yusheng and flame retardant annual meeting on behalf of visits to the East Peak antimony factory

  After the visit, the visiting group had a deep exchange with the East  antimony management group. Chairman Xie Jianlong delivered a welcome speech and introduces the development course and the present situation of Dongfeng antimony  industry development and future development planning, and puts forward some  views on the current development of antimony industry, industry experts hope  and enterprise work, make contributions to the sustainable development of  antimony industry. Then, experts and business representatives have expressed  good feelings of the visit to East Peak antimony industry, and the status  of world antimony industry development, the development of the world China  antimony antimony industry contribution and influence, the future how to make  Chinese and antimony antimony industry enterprises better healthy and fast  development of detailed and in-depth exposition their views.

East Peak antimony industry leader and flame retardant annual meeting on behalf  of discussion exchanges

   We give the full affirmation of Chinese antimony industry rapid development in the past, full of confidence for the future development of antimony industry,  and hope that experts and industry antimony enterprises to strengthen  communication, learning and cooperation, and work together to Chinese antimony  industry bigger and stronger.

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