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Domestic steel prices rose narrowed import iron ore prices rose

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2017/2/21 16:38:27

After a period of time before the rise, the domestic spot steel market turnover in the high price blocked, poor shipping, steel prices began to narrow. Imported iron ore prices are rising all the way, the price has broken through the $90 mark, hit a new high since August 2014.
Last week, the domestic spot steel composite index closed at 138.41 points, up by a week of 2.36%. Steel prices rose after finally appeared in the fall. Market participants believe that, with the sharp rise in the price of steel, the market turnover was blocked at high, in the case of poor shipments, some businesses began to loosen the offer. Coupled with the steel futures market has also been callback, affected by the spot steel market mentality has shaken, businesses generally profitable shipments. However, by the end of the weekend, the pessimism of the steel market eased, the market turnover also slightly improved. Overall, the business is still looking forward to the arrival of the demand season in March.
According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, prices rose narrowed. Shanghai, Ji'nan, Guangzhou and other places rose 30 yuan per ton price to $300 a week. From Shanghai and other places can be seen in the market, the price of steel in the high price of the transaction is not good, there have been profitable businesses immediately turn strategy, the price of shipping. However, the actual turnover of the market is still relatively weak, the market needs to adjust in the short term.
In the plate market, the general pattern of the previous expansion has been different between different varieties. Hot rolled coil prices overall fell slightly, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Guangzhou and other places, the price fell 10 yuan a week to $100, only Ji'nan, Shijiazhuang and other places prices rose slightly. Some of the market, the price fell to the weekend is to accelerate the speed, the profit will be more profitable business. Plate prices generally rose, but there is a process of falling down. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ji'nan and other places rose 10 yuan per ton price to $190 a week. Many market transactions are xianyanghouyi, delivery, but the overall business confidence is still good.
Iron ore market rose. According to the new West Shinkansen, the latest report on the domestic ore market, since February, the domestic iron ore prices rose sharply, the Hebei region, the price rose 90 yuan per ton. After the Lantern Festival, the mine has resumed production, refined powder production increased, steel mills to fill the library, a large number of high-grade iron powder procurement, resulting in a shortage situation. February imported ore prices also rose sharply, the success of a solid price of $90 mark, hit a new high since August 2014. As of 23, Platts grade ore index closed at $92 per ton, up $62% from the end of last month, up to $8.55.
However, a considerable number of insiders believe that the iron ore market is still oversupply pattern, the price continued to rise on the basis of weak.
Relevant agencies believe that the domestic steel prices in February rose to a new high of nearly 4 years, has attracted market attention. At present, the steel mills and steel trading business profits have been considerable, cash resources inventory impulse is increasing, which will make the steel price callback. However, due to the stabilization of the economy to pick up the trend, making it necessary to enter the consumer demand for steel market is still worth looking forward to. As long as the capacity to continue to force policy, adjust the supply of the market, the domestic steel prices can be more rational operation.