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The 2017 national flame retardant academic annual meeting held by Dongfeng antimony industry was held in Guiyang

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2017/5/3 11:22:45

From May 11, 2017 to 12, the two national flame retardant academic conference  held in 2017 was held in Guiyang Huamei grand hotel. The meeting by the special committee, the national Chinese ordnance society flame retardant materials  engineering technology research center, Sinopec Association Special Committee, flame retardant materials industry technology innovation strategic alliance, Guizhou  Dongfeng antimony industry Limited by Share Ltd, Guizhou metal and mineral  import and Export Company Limited, Dongguan Geoff fire retardant materials Co. Ltd and Dushan Du Feng antimonyindustry limited company Co.

2017 national flame retardant academic conference held in Guiyang

Attend the meeting of the Federation of petrochemical engineering professor  Wang Yimin, academician of the Academy of engineering, Chinese organic polymer  materials experts, Sichuan University professor Wang Yuzhong, China Flame  Retardant Society Secretary General Zhou Zhengmao, director of the national  north Polytechnic flame retardant materials engineering technology research  center Yang Rongjie, University of Science and Technology of China professor  Hu Yuan, Hebei University professor Xu Jianzhong, Beijing University of Chemical Technology professor of history Nanjing Normal University Professor Ling. Yang  Jinfei,Fudan University professor Liang Ziqi Qian Lijun, Beijing Technology and  Business University, Guizhou Dongfeng antimony industry Limited by Share Ltd Gu Yusheng,  Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Holdings Limited Director Gong Ji Jun more than 40 experts and leaders from the flame retardant chemical industry universities,  scientific research institutions and more than 300 representatives of Chinese and foreign enterprises. The conference included 120 papers, nearly 800 pages, and  26 specially invited experts to give a keynote report, and the experts of the standard group on flame retardant chemicals conducted a special review of the  standards.

Speech by Zhou Zhengmao, Secretary General of Chinese Flame Retardant Society

Chinese Flame Retardant Society Secretary General Zhou Zhengmao teacher opening  speech, and then, teacher Zhou Zhengmao, Guizhou East Peak antimony, Limited by Share Ltd general manager Gu Yusheng, respectively, made a theme report.

East Peak antimony Gu Yusheng, general manager of the theme of the report

This event will be divided into four parts, the research team of flame retardant from more than 10 colleges and universities domestic progress and the latest  research results are introduced in detail, the report also invited guests of  flame retardant international regulation dynamic, environmentally friendly flame  retardant research status and direction of environment, environmental safety  supervision under the pressure of the flame retardant industry development,  Chinese cable research progress of flame retardant materials, a novel flame  retardant application in plastics, coating with three triazine charring agent,  flame retardant high performance intrinsic flame retardant polyphosphazenes  elastomer synthesis and thermal stability of macromolecular charring agent and  flame retardant polylactic acid synthesis research, melt spinning preparation  of permanent flame retardant nylon fiber Study on other topics, from the  global to the special research on the detailed discussion, the meeting on  behalf of professional questions, after extensive exchanges, academic atmosphere.

The validation of the "standard of review including the determination of halogen flame retardant chemicals: oxygenbomb ion selective electrode method" 3 national  standards and ten bromine flame retardant chemicals "two benzene ethane" and  5 industry standards, and the phosphorus content of flame retardant chemicals  "test method" 2 industry standard implementation will start flame retardant  chemicals, expert working group of the 8 criteria are given for approval of  the feedback and suggestions, standard drafting unit of manuscript standard  further modifications.

The 2017 annual meeting of the society of flame retardant in all walks of life support, through the joint efforts of the participants of success, to further promote the research and development of our country, the field of flame retardant standards and norms, promote the relevant disciplines of the latest technology  and flame retardant research exchanges, strengthen the field of cooperative  innovation, has important significance. At the same time, the flame retardant  industry also need to strengthen the new technology and new product information publishing and external communication, let a wider audience understand the  reasonable and effective application of flame retardant chemicals in the  country's economic development in the important position and value.