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The Geoff group "meet in Dushan, flying dream Gallery held exchanges recreational activities

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2017/5/24 14:33:44

  On the evening of May 20, 2017, organized by the Geoff group, the East Peak  antimony industry, and the new fivestar Dushan Yongxing Real Estate Co sponsored, in Dushan Teng Hui Hotel held "meet Dushan flying dream" exchange friendship  activities. Hundreds of executives, leaders and workers from various companies  participated in the event.


The speech activities in the Geoff Group Chairman Xie Jianlong, general manager  of Dongfeng antimony industry Gu Yusheng, human resources director Zhang Hongxian, Zhuhai Jin Hailong, deputy general manager and general manager of Dushan new  star Huang Huaibo, Yongxing real estate deputy general manager Liu Hong and  other leaders in the curtain. The leaders of different levels are briefly  described the company's past achievements, existing problems, future development  planning, objectives and requirements, focuses on the importance of team building, agreed that: talent is the foundation for the development of enterprises,  everyone is a good human resource and human resource management, so that  each employee full use of personal ability and potential, maximize the  realization of personal value is the goal of human resource management.  Excellent team is a necessary condition for the development of enterprises,  improve the effective system is the guarantee of the enterprise development,  with an open mind to accept new, learn to accept new ideas is a  prerequisite to strengthen and upgrade the team. Only when the team is  strong can the enterprise develop faster and better.

In the following activities, all the leaders and staff who participated in the  activity enjoyed the wonderful literature and art program with a relaxed mood, and participated in various game activities. Warm red dress sexy Rumba Dance,  dance and light stick India dance, many employees are indulge in singing,  bring the visual and auditory enjoyment of exquisite beyond compare to everyone, won everyone applause.


  During the activities of various interactive games, but also appropriate to  move to one climax after another. Team games, carrot squats, tongue twisters,  throwing silk balls and other games to drive everyone, through these games,  so that we really sank into the scene, warm and lively, and exchange of  atmosphere. At the same time, let colleagues in the joy of the importance  of cooperation.Activities finally, the East Peak antimony human resources  department jointly presented "tomorrow will be better", the atmosphere to a  climax, we waved together to respond, with songs to express and wish the  Geoff group better and better.

  The recreational activities of the success, to show the team style and  passion of the staff of the company, at the same time provide a stage to  show themselves as employees, while promoting between the enterprise and the staff exchanges, enhance team cohesion! The event has been highly praised and  praised by the leaders and staff of the company.