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Dongguan Geoff annual output of 6000 tons masterbatch workshop expansion

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2017/5/28 14:41:46

  In May 27, 2017, the production line of Dongguan Geoff flame retardant  masterbatch workshop was officially put into operation and the grand expansion  ceremony was held in Guizhou, Shandong province. Geoff Group Chairman & Dongfeng antimony industry Xie Jianlong, deputy general manager Chen Ruiying, chairman of  the Secretary Zhang Hongxian, Guizhou Minmetals general manager Zhao Xia, deputy  general manager Ceng Wenwei, general manager of Dongguan Geoff Lv Fangwei,  deputy general manager Tan Dun and other leaders attended the ceremony.


  The expansion of the ceremony, chairman Xie Jianlong expressed warm    congratulations to the Dongguan Geoff workshop masterbatch production expansion,  also putforward higher requirements on the company's production equipment  modification, site management, production technology, product quality, customer  service service etc..Dongguan Geoff the expansion of the masterbatch production  line is to use the domestic leading masterbatch production line, high  automation, high productivity, low energy consumption and other characteristics,  can meet the high filling, the series of masterbatch production, production of EVA, PVC, PP, PA and other series flame retardant masterbatch. Annual capacity  of more than 6000 tons, to meet domestic and international customer demand for masterbatch quality and output.

 The next few years, the company will continue to increase investment in  product research and development, and constantly improve product comprehensive  management level, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional  industries, enhance the ability of technological innovation, can produce  excellent technology, product quality assurance, customer satisfaction.