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About mining engineering bidding announcement Dongfeng antimony Banpo antimony mine

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2017/6/8 14:47:14

1. tender conditions

The bidding project of mine Banpo antimony mining project has been approved by  the construction project owner for Guizhou Dongfeng antimony industry Limited  by Share Ltd, construction funds from the enterprises, the project with the  tender conditions. Due to the development of the company, the third party  contract expires, and the project is open for public bidding.

2. project overview and bidding scope

2.1 project name: Dongfeng antimony mine mining engineering Banpo antimony deposit and ancillary works.

2.2 project location: Guizhou Baiquan County of Dushan Province town of Banpo  antimony mine.

2.3 project content: coal mining, residual ore recovery, ventilation and dust  prevention, drainage, transportation, lifting, inclined roadway maintenance, safety hazards rectification and various production safety facilities, improve equipment  operation, maintenance and maintenance, site management, industrial hygiene, waste  out of the well and pour in the specified field, the ore dressing plant in  ore warehouse.

2.4 project overview:

Guizhou Dongfeng antimony industry Limited by Share Ltd Banpo antimony deposit  is located in the village of Dushan County town of Sony Baiquan Guizhou Prefec ture of Qiannan Province, about 15 km from the Dushan County, was founded in  1973, for the underground mining of antimony mine.

Guizhou Dongfeng antimony industry Limited by Share Ltd was founded in October  1998, was founded in November 1973, 1992 with the approval of the people's  Government of Southern Guizhou to Dushan state owned Dongfeng antimony ore,  September 2012 restructuring, and Shenzhen Geoff group combination, renamed  Guizhou Dongfeng Mining Group Co. Ltd., in 2015 the establishment of the  Guizhou East Peak antimony industry reform is a Limited by Share Ltd. A  comprehensive set of nonferrous metal mining, ore dressing, smelting production  and sales of integrated enterprise, occupies an important position in the  industry. Existing assets of 420 million yuan, more than 600 employees.

Company under the Banpo antimony deposit is a veteran of mine, Qiannan, more  than 2.2% production stibnite, antimony grade, mining is the elevation of    775m695m, the slope adit + combined development mode, the mining methods used  for shallow hole shrinkage method. Banpo antimony deposit occurs in Danlin group epicontinental clastic rock in NNW tenso shear fault zone and influence zone,  affected by lithology and ore controlling structure obviously. The ore body is  steeply inclined and large vein shaped, and the shape, occurrence and grade of  the ore body change more complex. The hydrogeological conditions are simple and the engineering geological conditions are moderate. The mine is equipped with  perfect mining, geological, surveying, safety, blasting and other technical  personnel. The safety situation is good. In 2012, there were no serious  injuries or safety accidents, and there was a relatively perfect "six systems", with a sewage treatment station and good environmental protection.

3. bidder qualification requirements

(1) the tender require bidders shall be registered in the territory of People's  Republic of China, the construction enterprise with independent legal person  qualification, without having been ordered to suspend business, bid qualification is not canceled, the property was not over, freezing or bankruptcy; in the  last three years, did not win the bid and serious breach of contract and  serious quality problem.

(2): the bidder shall have the qualification of general contract three mine  engineering construction issued by the administrative department of construction  and construction quality, with the Safety Supervision Bureau issued a safety  production license (certificate within the validity period).

(3) performance requirements: in recent years, the construction performance of  similar projects in enterprises, personnel, equipment, funds and other aspects  of the construction of the project to undertake the capacity.

(4) the project manager: the Bidder intends to participate in the project manager should have two construction division and above qualifications (mining  professional). The construction manager certificate of the project manager  shall be registered with the bidder's unit (providing labor contracts or nearly 6 months social security certificate), and shall not be able to serve as the  other project manager (providing a written undertaking) after winning the bid.

(5) the person in charge of technical requirements has the title of senior  engineer and must be the staff of the bidder's unit.

(6) the project may not form a consortium tender.

4. acquisition of bidding documents

4.1 please purchase tender documents from June 8, 2017 to June 12, 2017, from  8 a.m. to 12 a.m., from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Beijing time, the same below).

4.2 tender documents priced at 5000 yuan per set, including drawings, after sale;

4.3, the tender documents can be mail order, mail order bidding documents,  subject to additional fees (including postage) 200 yuan.

5. submission of tender documents

5.1, the submission of tender documents at 8:30 on June 14, 2017 - 12, 00  points, the deadline for bidding for June 14, 2017 17:30.

5.2 the bid invitation party shall not accept the bid document which has not  been served or has not served the designated place.

Contact: Chen Wei

Mobile: 18797579311

Mailbox: chenw@jiefu.com

In order to ensure fairness and confidentiality of the tender offer, our company will take a unified opening way, which is scheduled for the morning of June  15, 2017 9:00-9:30 by the bidding group unified bid, this time please send  your quotation  sent to the above email address.

If you find this tender are unfair, favoritism and other acts, please report  to the following e-mail: xiangjf@jiefu.com supervision

Guizhou East Peak antimony Limited by Share Ltd

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