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Qiannan zhouweishuji Tang Dezhi to the East Peak antimony industry inspection survey

Writer:JIEFU       Date:2017/6/26 14:56:16

  In June 23, 2017, accompanied by Qiannan Prefecture Committee Secretary Tang  Dezhi and Secretary of state in Pan County, county and other leaders, a line  of more than 20 people conducted a survey of the river smelting production base.

  The Tang dynasty recorded in the general manager of the company Gu Yusheng  is difficult to listen to and developing the product use, Dongfeng antimony  industry production technology, environmental protection, safety management, the  company's. Secretary Tang fully affirmed the correctness of the reform of  antimony industry in East Feng and achieved achievements in safety and  environmental protection. It was full of confidence in the followup development  and hoped that the company would set up a longterm mechanism to enhance the  development potential of the enterprise. And expressed its full support to  solve the company in the process of listing difficulties and problems.