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Antimony trioxide Flame-Retardant Masterbatch


The antimony trioxide flame-retardant master batch is made of antimony trioxide and such carrier as PP, LDPE, PVC, ABS, PBT, EVA and PA, etc. the use of this product can eliminate at the maximum limit the hazard caused by powder inhalation and contact with skin during the use of powder products.

Product merit:

1) The product is free from dust and may replace the powdery antimony trioxide for a direct adding;

2) It can be widely used and it can improve the production environment, and the operator will not inhale any dust during use of powdery antimony trioxide;

3) It is more economic to use this product, while saving the cost for the enterprise and it can provide the workshop with better protection of environment or create a perfect environment;

4)The product is of non-toxicity, low smoke and no dust pollution, fully conforming to EU (ROHS) environment standard;

5) The product may be simultaneously used together with decabromodiphenyl ether for flame retarding of plastics such as PP, PA, ABS and PBT, etc.;

6) It has good compatibility with resin, excellent dispersion property, high thermal stability and outstanding mechanical properties.

Base Material:

A variety of organic polymer such as LDPE, PVC, PP, EVA, ABS, PS, PBT and PA with different proportions may be used according to the requirements of the customer.


To be packaged in net weight of 25kg with paper bag or according to customer's requirement, and stored away from moisture avoiding heavy on packages.