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It has been twenty years since Jiefu Corporation was founded in 1993. Our principle is to serve our customers honestly, to work efficiently as our target, to survive relying on our best quality and to develop innovatively. Thanks to the committed attitude and hard work of all our staff, we have made outstanding performance, that our subsidiaries have been founded at home and abroad, that our business model, which covers mining, smelting, marketing, has been established, and that our major business has expanded to new areas of financial investment and real-estate development. Jiefu has now already become a strong and diversified enterprise group.

   Surely, the present glory is based on all the efforts in the past, and we should follow this route to make a brighter future. To face the coming opportunity and challenge, we shall keep moving forward, with the faith of promoting ourselves and strengthening the national industries. Jiefu will always keep in mind that the talents are the core value, which gives the definition that the value of our staff is mutually consisting with that of our company. We have our faith to become a top modernized enterprise, committed ourselves to provide the best product and service to the society.

   In the last, I’d like to express my gratitude for the care and support from all our friends. Hope we keep working collaboratively and make a promising future for us all.