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A、talent view, Jiefu:

(1, rigorous and efficient Jeff team members

Style of rigorous, pay attention to detail, abide by professional ethics, professional ethics;

In different culture of work involved in communication;

Unity, cooperation, and actively participate in team building.


(3, outstanding practitioners

The value orientation on the results of performance;

Positive attention to market dynamic change, take the initiative to meet the needs of the market;

Company firmly implement the policy, the performance of duties.


(2, functional specialists

Proficient in business functions, can solve the problem of the business sector;

Provide functional business consulting, support;


(4, perfect service

Good service consciousness, service up and down, internal and external customers;

Integration and meet customer requirements.

B、the concept of choose and employ persons:

Corporate values: customers, employees, society and enterprises to win more, we think:

1, we continue to provide only exceed customer expectations of products and services, to make customer satisfaction;

2, only we continue to provide beyond employee pay expectations and development space, can let staff satisfaction;

3, only we continue to provide beyond the expectations of the society, return to make social satisfaction.

C、 employee pay system as a whole

Set the salary, welfare plan and happy work plan, including:

1, a raise - depending on the staff personal comprehensive performance increases;

2, bonuses - contribute to enterprise individual and team, including fees, including award (best employee award, outstanding team award, etc.);

3, continuing education funding - to encourage the staff education, training and targeted funding, good employees enjoy overseas training opportunities;

4, welfare and commercial insurance - for every colleague to provide conform to the requirements of the law of insurance and insurance, give employees economic and financial security;

5, paid vacation - annual leave, wedding leave, maternity leave, funeral leave, and so on;

6, employee activities and tourism plan - the company regularly organize employee activities, for the full five years of service employees enjoy company organization tourism, make employees happy work, happy life.