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The personnel clerk

Date: 2014-06-18 14:07

1, manpower planning work

(1) to help collect group and subordinate employees related information.

(2) to assist the revision of company human resource management system, prepare related forms.

(2) to help collect group and subordinate staff working content.

2, recruitment,

(1) responsible for the recruitment information release and refresh;

(2) is responsible for recruiting resume screening, and to interview the right person to make an appointment.

(3) responsible for the interview of reception, validation, written examination, and help the interview records, track the interview results.

3 work, personnel training and development

(1) to assist the supervisor to conduct training needs survey work.

(2) is responsible for training records

(3) assist outside the organization to carry out the training work.

(4) the internal employee promotion formalities.

4, staff welfare work

(1) preparation of monthly pay related statements, including monthly time sheets, welfare funds table, etc.

(2) the staff 5 insurances and change pay formalities.

(3) to assist the other employee welfare programs formalities.

5, labor work

(1) assist in handling labor dispute.

(2) to assist the employee's labor contract signing formalities (including renewal).

(3) our staff to handle, obtainment, transfer, resignation procedures.

6, enterprise culture construction work

(1) to assist the collection, review inside publish manuscripts "Jeff today".

(2) is responsible for antimony release company news and news in the market.

7, complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

The basic requirements

Hiring categories:


Age requirements:

25 to 32,

Job categories:

Human resource management

Gender requirements:

There is no limit

Professional requirements:

Human resources management and administrative management

Of seat of registered permanent residence:

There is no limit

Requires industry:

There is no limit

Work experience:

2 years or above related working experience

Required qualifications:

College degree or above

Foreign language:

English cet 4


1 person

Computer skills:


Comprehensive quality requirements

1, requires human resources related college degree or above, 2 years experience in human resources management position, familiar with different models of the human resources management professional theoretical knowledge; Familiar with national personnel policy. Human resources management division certificate is a plus;

2, writing ability, familiar with document writing, proficient in EXCEL, good command of office software.

3, good professional personal integrity, strong sense of responsibility and professional dedication, work principle is strong; Strong interpersonal skills, good team cooperation ability; Work is careful, patient, good executive force.

4, loyal, honest, able to abide by the regulations of the company and security regulations.