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Real estate planner (working place guangdong lianjiang)

Date: 2014-06-18 14:10

A, responsible for project marketing and planning;

Second, is responsible for establishing product planning management system, organize the formulation and perfecting the system of project marketing management, and supervision and be used to cut the implementation;

Three, the development of project overall and in stages of marketing communication strategy and effective implementation;

Four, organization, market research, product analysis, to study the competitive products and monitoring, project marketing proposal and technical proposal;

Fifth, put forward the choice of media and marketing agency cooperation unit;

Six, is responsible for the integration of marketing resources, to guide and promote the media and agency partners to complete the project marketing communications plan;

Seven, participate in the design plan descriptions of the review and design review;

Eight, is responsible for the marketing materials design, review, production, release the &101xecution;

Nine, responsible for the promotion and cooperation during the execution of company's docking;

Ten, in charge of project marketing plan, approved by the company after implementation, and control marketing costs;

11, is responsible for the marketing plan implementation, monitoring, analysis, summary, adjustment;

12, is responsible for the integration of design, construction, marketing, advertising, services and other resources, formulate plans;

13, is responsible for real estate project prophase research and planning, provide decision-making basis for the head of the company;

14 and the other work assigned by the leadership of the task.


Education background: above college, major in marketing and other real estate related

The age requirement: 20-35

Work experience: real estate planning for more than 2 years work

Quality: must have a comprehensive knowledge, to have a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry, to promote concrete buildings to put forward their own planning, enhance the purpose of the image to promote sales, issue the planning scheme.

Professional skills: strong learning ability, language expression ability, observation ability, analysis the judgment ability, interpersonal skills and coordination skills, and ability of information processing and computing.

Special requirement: no

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